Dr. Ngugi Mathew Piero

Consultancy Services

Consultancy Services Offered

  1. Curriculum development and review
  2. Forensic investigations and report writing
  3. In vivo bioassays using animals models
  4. Natural product/Phytochemical analysis
  5. Laboratory models for abnormal psychological disorders (Anxiety, Depression, Alzheimer’s disease etc)
  6. Ethnosurvey of application and adoption of medicinal plant use in traditional medicine
  7. Genetic and Phenotypic characterization
  8. Detection and mitigation of Ionizing Radiations In households, quarries, water and foodstuffs
  9. Delivery of lectures in Medical Biochemistry, Molecular Biology and Phytomedicine
  10. Development of laboratory Standard Operating Procedures

Currently Offerinig

  1. Development and Review of Bachelor of Science (Biochemistry) and Master of Science (Biochemistry) for Technical University of Mombasa
  2. Delivery and facilitation of modules for Bachelor of Science (Forensic) in National Police College, Rwanda.
  3. Consultancy on establishment of Steam distillation Plant for EwasoNg’iro North Development authority
  4. Developed Bsc (Forensic Science) Curriculum for the University of Rwanda to be offered to Senior Police Officers at Rwanda National Police College