Dr. Ngugi Mathew Piero

Biochemistry Students

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Masters Students

Masters ( Biochemistry )
Areas of Interest: Neurodegenerative disorders, Complementary and alternative medicine.

Project Title: COGNITIVE ENHANCING EFFECTS OF AQUEOUS EXTRACTS OF Amaranthus dubious Mart. Ex Thell AND Vigna unguiculata (L.) Walp. IN MICE MODELS

Project Summary

Cognitive impairment which mostly presents as Alzheimer’s disease is one of the major causes of death. It not only affects the patients but also their caregivers and the economy. The current therapies used to manage Alzheimer’s disease are inaccessible to some people and have side effects. Therefore, there is need for alternative medicine. Amaranthus dubious and Vigna unguiculatawhich are edible have been used to manage cognitive impairment in some communities due to their antioxidant and antiobesity properties but there is no scientific data to validate this hence the need for this study.

Masters ( Biochemistry )
Areas of Interest: Medical Biochemistry and Phytomedicine

Project Title: Anti-obesity Effects and Phytochemical profiles of DCM stem bark extracts of Piliostigmathonningii (schum) and Lonchocarpuseriocalyx(harms).

Project Summary

This study is aimed at confirming the traditional use and providing preliminary data towards development of pure therapeutic molecules of PiliostigmathonningiiandLonchocarpuseriocalyxextracts in the treatment and management of obesity.